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 Daniel Pigeon is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over 20 years of  nursing experience. After receiving relief from muscle pain through  medical massage, he chose to specialize in muscle pain reduction  to  help others. 

A Therapist Who Cares


In order to provide you with the best experience,you will receive customized therapy for your specific issue.

Experienced Knowledge


Daniel has taken care of 4 generations of family members. Our clients choose  medical massage because it focuses on the specific area of pain or stiffness.  They receive custom techniques designed  for their pain  situation. 

Our Mission

Daniel working on a child on a mission trip in Belize, Central America


We strive to provide a caring, safe environment in which the focus is  to decrease pain  by relaxing tight muscles, tendons and ligaments with minimal discomfort to the client.

  • All therapy is done with client fully clothed
  • Spend majority of treatment time addressing the specific area of muscle tightness
  • Working with the client to ensure that they achieve the most relaxation with minimal discomfort
  • Teaching/ informing the client about the process of relieving their muscle tightness
  • Addressing possible habits which may be causing the muscle tightness
  • Suggesting possible habit changes to keep their muscles relaxed longer

Hours and Pricing

Office Hours



Monday         8 am- 8pm

Tuesday        8 am- 8pm

Wednesday  8 am- 8pm

Thursday      8 am- 3pm

Friday           8 am- 3pm

Saturdays (call for availability)

Our Location



Our office is located in Gray, TN:

2102 Forest Drive

Suite 3

Gray, TN 37615

Phone: 423-737-8455

Service Prices


1/2 Hour Medical Massage:     $40

1 Hour Medical Massage:        $65

1 1/2 Hour Medical Massage:         $85        

Infant Massage Price


1/2 Hour Infant Massage:    $30




Dan is very knowledgeable, and always  explains what he is doing and more so, why it works...Dan is always  professional, and I would highly recommend him to others. SM 


Wow!! I just wish I hadn't waited so long. I had been having leg pain for about six months before I even  considered seeing Mr. Pigeon. After consultation, it turned out to be  sciatic nerve . On the first visit, I was amazed at how well my leg  felt. Then I was asking myself "why did I wait so long, as much pain as  I was in"? Mr. Pigeon is very respectful, explains about your muscles  and why you are having muscle pain and how he can fix it. He also tells  you as he goes what he is doing so there are no surprises. I was  skeptical at first but I am so glad I have been going. I have no pain  with my leg and I actually feel like doing something when I get home  from work.  \Thank you Mr. Pigeon for all you have done for me and my  pain.   TB 


Daniel has done great work for me! I had been struggling with pain in my arm because of throwing a baseball  with my son. The pain has lasted over a year and a half! It hurt to  put on a shirt, it hurt to wash my hair. After only one treatment I had more pain-free movement in my arm than I've had in over a year and  half! I can now put on a shirt without pain, can wash my hair without  pain. I am completely pleased!  TK 


Prior to the beginning of treatment, I had suffered a knee injury to my left knee that dealt a blow to training for my second marathon...the treatment successfully isolated my knee injury and helped it recover more quickly...I am very excited to return to racing.  FH 


Dan's methods of treating muscle pain have helped me where physical therapy and osteopathic methods have failed. I am very thankful that I was able to be treated by Dan and will return  for therapy and recommend him to others. JO 


 Daniel has been a great support with  reducing the tension, discomfort, and pain my seven year old daughter  had in her neck. This discomfort would prevent her from getting the rest she needed and at times would increase anxiety and compulsive movement that she struggled with. During the past month these movements  decreased and she has not complained of any further pain or discomfort. Daniel really worked his magic and we appreciate him! JC

Services Offered


People of all ages can develop muscle pain and tightness.  EVEN BABIES!!!  Our therapy has helped thousands of clients with:

  • Sciatic Pain
  • Hip/Lower back Pain
  • Knee Pain (even post replacement surgery)
  • Upper Back Pain
  • Shoulder/ Arm pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Head/ Jaw Pain
  • Babies with Colic and Failure to Thrive


About our Founder

Daniel Pigeon: RN, LMT, CPMT


Daniel Received his Bachelors of Nursing and RN license in North Carolina. He worked in many Intensive care units in major hospitals  including Duke University Hospital and The Regional Medical Center Of  Memphis. He received his Massage therapy license in 2012.  Has focused on his continuing education on medical massage for all ages.   



  •  BSN, RN University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist.

Self Help


I often get questions from clients about activities they can do to help decrease  their pain and increase their own range of motion.  Please remember,  You should always get permission from your doctor before starting new activities or therapy.  Each person has unique circumstances, not all activities are good for them.

ALL of my clients will tell you that drinking water is the first activity we discuss. The suggested daily minimum of water is half your body weight in ounces. Example: 150lb person would drink 75 ounces of  water (roughly 4[-20 oz bottles).  My clients will also tell you that I do not count tea or soda in that daily minimum. In fact, they count  against that amount because most have caffeine which makes you pee. 

I will share some techniques that have proven to give the best results. Anyone that has been to see me knows that their body heals itself much quicker with a daily schedule of healthy activities and stretches.  Here are some  techniques that my clients have shared with me.



Lower Back and Hips




Mom  wrote " Ok, so I just had an amazing experience and I don't know where  else to share it.  My daughter, baby E, has had extremely bad colic  since she was born.  She has horrible reflux and cries at least 6 hours a  day.  She's been to different Drs and specialists and all they've done  is give her extremely high doses of Zantac and Levisin drops.   Recently  I decided that I had had enough, and decided to take a more holistic  approach.  I found this AMAZING man in Gray, TN, Daniel Pigeon.  He's a  massage and muscle expert that works on infants through adults.  I was  skeptical.  Y'all, I took her.  And she cried at first and then  something happened.  She stopped crying.  She's  no longer tense, and  she didn't need her medicine this evening because she wasn't in any  pain. 

      Here is the amazing part.  I went there expecting a 30 minute massage  and to pay $30 because that's what I read on his website.  I get there,  and he does the massage, she fusses and he finds her problems.   Apparently above her shoulders and spots near her tailbone were so tense  that she couldn't even bend her knees to her chest.  I had no idea.   She's been that way since birth.  He ended up working on her for over an  hour.  He told me how he loves babies because when he looks in their  eyes he can see God.  He said this is the first thing he's done in his  life  that isn't about the money and gives him peace to do.  I had the  most amazing vibe from him anyways.  He then refused to accept any money  and told me to bring her back at the end of the week to check on her  shoulder blades and lower back.    I plan to pay him anyways because  he's brought her peace that no Dr or drug could give her.  I can  actually see the relief on my baby's face.  I just had to share this  with someone.  If you have a baby who struggles with colic and stuff,  Daniel Pigeon can help.  I just can't believe it still.  My baby E is a  whole new baby.

       Update:  It's now three days later and I've taken both my children  back.  You can definitely tell that baby E feels better!  She has not  hardly cried at all outside of being tired/ wet/ hungry.  She hasn't  needed any  of her medicines.  I definitely recommend visit to Daniel  Pigeon if your baby is suffering from reflux and colic.  This has most  definitely saved my sanity."  

Why would a baby need a medical massage?


There are several schools of thought as to how babies develop tight muscles.  The two best reasons:

A.  The baby gets "stuck" a compromised position in the womb during the last trimester due to limited space.

​B.  The muscles are stretched or compressed during labor/delivery.


Newborn Burping Techniques

Baby Stories

Baby H


 "So  very thankful to Daniel for helping my son Baby H, who has reflux. We  were at our wits end with Baby H's large amount of spit up all day every  day and the medicine that his pediatrician put him on was not working.  On the first treatment we saw immediate results. Baby H ,went from  massive amounts of spit up to occasionally spitting up. Baby H wasn’t  able to lay on his belly because he would spit up too much and now baby   H, can lay on his belly for 20 minutes or more without a single drop of  spit up. Daniel was gentle with  baby H, and talked us through what he  was doing. I would refer Daniel to anyone before I would recommend  putting a child on any medicine."  

Baby J


 Baby J was treated two days after delivery.  While in no outward signs of pain, he required almost constant breast feeding to keep him from  crying.  After the first 30 min treatment, he slept for 5 hours that  night. 

Baby C


Baby C  presented with very frequent vomiting and a diagnosis of failure to  thrive.  after his first 30 minute treatment, his mom noted his vomiting  frequency had decreased.  After second treatment, Baby C had started  gaining weight. 

Baby S


 "Baby S had constipation issues.  He slept or 3 hours after treatment and pooped shortly after waking up" 

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